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Icons & bases

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New icons at [community profile] skywardeye



Click mosaic for icons & bases.


Blanca Santander's "Timepiece"

I have hope. The last few posts have been heavy, but, I do have hope. What sort of eye balm are you all turning to when cultivating hope? Please post pictures/links. :)


...That SPN bigbang thing

The story, the excerpts of it I've read, isn't new to me with regard to the racist tropes. The writer of that particular story is showing what she's learned about Haiti, and blacks, and victims of certain disasters that are mostly poc. I hate the story. I consider it vile. But in many ways, it's a typical example of what creative white racists do when writing stories that are set in Haiti.

I want to point out this: every time I see a 'how could anyone' I'm thinking, 'Be educated and creative and have had your education be structured and facilitated by white racists in a racist system, given 500 years of lies and other things with regard to what whiteness is and what Blacks are, well, I'm sure given a Big Bang assignment it wouldn't be hard for any number of those of y'all who are pearl clutching to generate something as ugly.'

I'm almost inclined to type, "Oh, give it a rest and let go of your pearls."

Am I too cynical maybe? I don't think so. But holler with your thoughts/feelings.

A kiss

Wish I knew who shot this, and who's pictured. Or even the url where I found it.


Been updating of late.

Some of the people in the mosaic can be found @ [community profile] multibeautiful.

The Last Supper

Got relevant links? Please share below in comments.


Writer's Block: Le Quatorze Juillet

Happy Bastille Day! Today the French celebrate the event that sparked the French revolution. In honor of our Francophone friends, what is your favorite French thing? Bonus points for answers en français.

France's defeat by the combined forces of the liberators of Ayiti.

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